Welcome to one of the best NTM of the internet. Being a model needs a little of practice. This is the site that you can practice your skills in a virtual model contest with the same format of ANTM.
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PostSubject: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:58 pm

It's a shame Branden deleted most of his pictures Sad I guess they're still on facebook though!

Also this Cycle had some gorgeous guys! I'm just saying xD
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:02 pm

Oh they will be up here Very Happy...just wait :3
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:04 pm

Admin wrote:
Oh they will be up here Very Happy...just wait :3
Oh I'll wait! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:45 pm

Runner up:Alex
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:04 pm


WEEK 1- Body/Face
1. Alonso
2. Mariahn
3. Shauna
4. Balthier
5. Arturo
6. Brandon
7. Johny
8. Jacqui
9. Jason
10. Erito
11. Alex
12. Fer
NOBODY! They can all stay and show me whether they have potential in a fashion shoot Very Happy

1. Alonso- That face!!! How can you not love it. It's divine! I wish there was more to this photo though, more of the body.
2. Branden- sneaky, sneaky, I've seen this picture before haha. I do love it though, and it kinda works for the theme, like an evil little woodland elf who has escaped from the North Pole with all of Santa's secrets haha. I love the animalistic vibe I get, and your eyes have a lot of power.
3. Shauna- YOUR EYES!! <3 Actually, just YOUR EYE!! <3 haha. Its so alluring, and the makeup definitely helps, but I wish the left one wasn't cut off where it was, it kinda makes it look a little glassy and unfocused.
4. Balthier- well, I dunno how it relates to xmas, but its really cool and suave. I see a character there and it's effortless.
5. Arturo- this is kinda kooky and weird, but I like it, it's different. My only problem is that your eyes look a little lop-sided, like one is higher than the other. Tilt your head just a little to cheat it.
6. Jacqui- It's cute, warm and believable.
7. Erito- you've kinda given yourself a double chin here and may have taken the theme too literally without giving it a fashion edge, but I like your eyes and your look in general.
8. Alex- very pretty girl with extremely pretty eyes, but I don't feeeeeel anything from this picture, there's no emotion behind it.
9. Jason- I don't really get what you were going for here, but I like your look, so you're safe from the Bottom for me.
10. Fer- I like your face in this one and it's much better than your first week pics, but it's a shame you just slapped some colourful editing and a few words over the picture, as it would have nothing to do with the theme without it.
11. Mariahn- Considering it's so early in the comp and I don't have a fuller portfolio to go by, I think it's fair that you be eliminated for not handing in a photo, whatever the excuse or reason.

WEEK 3- The World

1. Alonso- 3rd FCO in a row! This picture is just- breathtaking. I love that the tree branch looks like a wish protruding from your body, it gives it such a magical, mythical vibe that was probably not intentional, but makes the photo an artistic masterpiece.
2. Jacqui- I think out of everyone, you have captured the essence of your location the best. This is without a doubt an edgy, confidant London attitude, and not just because you have an English flag shirt! It's all in the face and the stance, it's excellent.
3. Balthier- I really like the cool, wintery vibe I get from this. You look totally badass! Really cool shot, you definitely know hwo to pull of a strong and moody look.
4. Shauna- not really sure why you were B2ed for this! I love the attitude, it seems very NYC and from what I can tell, the face is gorgeous.
5. Arturo- really cool and laid-back, I love the way you're sitting with your arms like that, as if you're the king of the countryside. But all I'm getting from the face is "ow, the sun's in my yes!" haha.
6. Alex- I remember this shoot of yours from all-antm Razz I can only imagine it as that and am finding it hard to grasp the immigrant story, it doesn't really make sense in this context, I don't think. Pretty face, though.
7. Erito- I REALLY wanna be able to rank you higher eventually, because I think you;re look is so interesting, I love how your ears stick out a little. But This face is just really unsettling, it's not good Sad You get points for putting effort into your wardrobe to fit with the theme.
8. Fer- I really like the composition of this photo, but the angle you took it at was totally wrong for you, it hasn't allowed us to see much of your face or your expression. I like the colour palette of your outfit, you had a lot of really good elements working for you, but the end product didn't deliver.
9. Branden- I don't even really know what to say about this. It looks like a holiday snap and not a fashion photograph. You don't look horrendous or anything, you're just not really showing me anything outstanding in this one.
10. Mariahn- I dunno what has happened with the editing, but your hands look HUGE and your legs look tiny! I'm just not getting much feeling from it or no fashion elements, it seems kinda lazy.

WEEK 4- Colour- This was the hardest one yet, everyone did pretty well!

1. Shauna- WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! This is absolutely stunning! You have such a cool confidence in this, with a little bit of a sinister edge. I can't say this often about internet NTM's but I could see this photo as part of a REAL campaign. Great work, girl! Very Happy
2. Balthier- *droooool* ahem, excuse me Razz You continue to impress with strong shot after strong shot. Your face definitely loves the camera and you know how to move your body and work your face. You're edging closer and closer to the top spot, I hope I can give it to you soon!
3. Erito- FINALLY I am seeing some fashion appeal to your shot! Your mouth area is a little tense, but it is a big improvement.
4. Branden- Great confidence and sex appeal- Don't like the composition though, you should've cropped the top of the picture or lowered your camera slightly so there wasn't so much blank space up the top.
5. Mariahn- This is really cool! I like that it seems to have captured a fluid moment, it's natural and fun and a lot of personality is shining through. Good to see you improving Very Happy
6. Fer- I really like this one! It has an edge and an attitude to it.
7. Alex- LOVE the body position, the legs are gorgeous. Face needs a little more though, I feel you are being a little timid and unsure.
8. Arturo- I love your look in this pic, you're a very cute boy Razz But I think it's just a little boring and safe.
9. Alonso- Not your best, you're not really doing anything here, it seems like an n between shot, like the photographer has told you you're doing crap and you're like "oh damn, I better think of something better" haha. It is still kinda cute though
10. Jacqui- there's NO WAY I would eliminated you here, but I feel that this photo lacks tension. If you're gonna throw your arms up in the air, it needs to have a purpose. The energy seems really flat

WEEK 5- Controversial

1. Alonso- back on top!! Not only does this grab my attention and highlight the issue amazingly it has a fashion edge to it. It's fantastic!
2. Alex- I LOVE THIS!!! Your best shot ever BY FAR. I love how whimsical and innocent it is, portraying this in a soft way rather than a creepy way is definitely more beautiful and captivating. The dress you picked is gorgeous, shame about the jeans underneath Razz
3. Jacqui- Fantastic concept, wardrobe and makeup, horrible angle.
4. Balthier- almost looks a little too comical in the face.
5. Arturo- kinda wish this was in colour.
6. Branden- love the composition, but it isn;t that convincing- it's like you're playing dress-ups.
7. Shauna- This is such a beautiful shot of you, but you are kinda overshadowed by your friend. You don't look confidant or happy about being in a lesbian relationship, you seem kind of reserved and nervous.
8. Erito- Not fashion-y at all. Looks like a candid of some angry kid in his room who destroyed all his books coz he didn't get an A haha. Such a shame you couldn't go further Sad
9. Mariahn- Huh? I'm assuming you didn't do the shoot and this is from your facebook collection? haha.

WEEK 6- Musicians

1. Jacqui- This is a great impersonation! I can tel who you are straight away, you definitely have the youthful, sweet and sexy essence of Britney here.
2. Balthier- Well, I dunno who that is, but you look great! Haha. Again, really cool and suave look from you, but I wonder how versatile you are? I'm hoping to see something softer from you soon.
3. Alonso- Haha, you've got Justin's swagger down to a T! Really accurate impersonation, well done.
4. Arturo- I definitely get how this relates to David and it is a strong photo of you, but I feel you could've done more and I have a suspicion that you didn't take this shot specifically for this shoot, so maybe didn't have all the effort that others had.
5. Branden- It is pretty average, I gotta say. Not horrible, not great.
6. Shauna- I don;t get Nicki Minaj AT ALL, except for maybe the inexplicable colour haha. I think she is much more quirky and confidant than this.
7. Alex- This just doesn't have the confidence, edge or drama of Madonna Sad

WEEK 7- Expensive

I'm kinda over giving comments haha, but I will say I have the same critique for all three of the following boys: SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
1. Branden
2. Alonso
3. Balthier
4. Shauna
5. Jacky
6. Alex

WEEK 8- Movement

1. Alonso
2. Alex
3. Branden
4. Jacqui
5. Balthier Sad I'd probably keep you for being so strong so far

WEEK 9- Fruit

1. Jacqui
2. Alonso
3. Alex
4. Branden

WEEK 10- Unique and Elegant

1. Alonso
2. Branden
3. Alex
4. Jacqui


ALONSO!!!! <3


Alonso- 1/1/1/9/1/3/2/1/2/1= 2.2
Balthier- 4/4/3/2/4/2/3/5= 3
Shauna- 3/3/4/1/7/6/4= 4
Branden- 6/2/9/4/6/5/1/3/4/2= 4.2
Jacqui- 8/6/2/10/3/1/5/4/1/4= 4.4
Arturo- 5/5/5/8/5/4= 5.3
Alex- 11/8/6/7/2/7/6/2/3/3= 5.5
Erito- 10/7/7/3/8= 7
Johny= 7
Mariahn- 2/11/10/5/9= 7.4
Fer- 12/10/8/6= 9
Jason- 9/9= 9
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM CYCLE 2 -DISCUSSION   

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