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 WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions

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PostSubject: WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions   WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions EmptySat Dec 31, 2011 7:27 pm

So, George requested we posted our impressions about the cast, so I figured a thread for that was appropriate, since it's not a proper judging.

Here's the Meet The Models thread : https://wntm.activoforo.com/t97-wntm-cycle-7-meet-the-models#1828

Interesting look. You leave me a strong first impression. The Miles resemblance might play in your favour if you prove to be as expensive as she is.

Just based on this picture, I see a diamond in the rough, but you need to study your poses.

I was mentioning Miles earlier, I'll do it again: she loves you.
You look incredibly beautiful and I hope your pictures will match your potential.

I've seen some of your work in other online NTM competitions and I was pretty impressed with you. You can definitely be one of the front-runners.

Fabulous. Fierce. CoverGirl. Runway ready. Porn actor in the making.

Basic pose, but it works. You can improve your facial expressions though.

You seem pretty enthusiastic about this competition. However, I don't like this picture at all, and I hope you can represent plussies better.

I love me some latin flavour. Shave those armpits though.

I'm not sure this is your best picture, but I do want to see more of you.

You're the most high fashion person in the bunch, à mon avis. Please don't pull a JemJem on us and do not leave before the competition actually starts.

I'm really glad to see you again Jayne! Make your C6 colleagues proud! I'm kinda sad that you're retiring from NTMs though, but I sure know how time-consuming they are. Anyway, this is the best I've seen you look, I love the cockiness in your face and this pose is perfect. Keep it up.

Your job will be to work on your styling. I think you can be more handsome than you look in this picture.

I'm curious to see the original picture, I'm not sure you were modelling in it.

Look who's here! Mitch, it's a pleasure to see you again. You were really good at the end of C5, and I'm really excited about your future pictures.

Be careful about the angles of your face and your neck. Other than that, I'm interested in you, you have a very cute smile.

You have a strong Lady GaGa appeal going on. I love your look. I have to warn you though, heavy make-up and strong concepts can get old (and sometimes, some good ideas can be badly executed, but I'm not worried about that in your specific case), so I hope you can also work with more simplicity.

Avoid pouting your mouth like this in the future. Other than that, I can see that you are willing to learn, and I like that.

Prit-ty! The tattoos edge you out a little bit, I'm dying to see more of you!

Voilà! If you find my critiques too harsh or too vague or if you have anything to say about them, please let me know.
Happy new year!
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WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions Empty
PostSubject: Re: WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions   WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions EmptySat Dec 31, 2011 7:36 pm

Well this is kinda short its my first apreciations for you guys

Alicia: I love your name and your strong face reminds me of miles so i hope you can work your soft face

Ally: I see a rocker chick roght now i want to see more your face.

Arturo: Surprise surprise i have to judge again and i have to say thanks you for the time they past you look hot and more mature

Cesar: I see a lot of picture of you and i have to say try to work your face because you kind like alejandro so work it

Cory: You have a baby face so curvy and rounded i wanna see a fierce edgy look from you

Daniel : You look so stiff like a soldier ._. but i hope you next picture are best

Dawn: Another surprise its greatful to see you confident with your body its amazing so work it hard

Eduardo: You look like a model so sexy and strong keep looking like that.

Gabriel: I remeber george say you look like me e.e so nice its a casual photo but i wanna see FIERCE

George: HALLA FIERCE. You the reencarnation of jem jem i hope you dont quit because you strong

Jayne: GIRRLLLL why i dont see this girl in the past im glad you back

Johan:i like why you like but beware because you legs loook so bigher so wide :S so be careful

Jorge: Pose like you on the bathroom its not so nice you have to work with your age to dont look so mature

Mitch: Another Fierce surprise i hope you work so hard like all stars cycle its 3rd time to win hahah

Jose: I hope you show us you neck because you lost it but your smile is so cute and nice

Pimm: I love you anime hair match with my red hair right now work work work you ass this cycle

Shayla: So cute girl you have to work your softness side and you bitchy side

Tracy: Another rocker chick but here i see softness and its so cool so great start

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PostSubject: Re: WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions   WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 3:15 pm

Hello hello! My name is Sam and I will be one of your judges Smile I normally judge via video but I'll spare you from having to look at my face for now. Here are my first impressions (or re-impression, if you will) of you all cat

Alicia: I know I'm not the first to say this but you do remind me a bit of last Cycle's Miles a bit Smile That's a good thing, though; she's awesome. Anyway you're quite pretty but you have an edge as well. I hope to see great things from you.

Ally: That pose combined with the top you have on might not be the most flattering to your body but I do see potential; you too are quite prit-ty. Just be careful with finding clothes that flatter your body because the camera is unforgiving.

Arturo: Welcome back, sir! Here I see a strength and confidence that I didn't see in your original Cycle; perhaps you've grown leaps and bounds since then, which would be a wonderful thing to see. I hope you really deliver this time around because you have the potential.

Cesar: Love the pose, it's laid back yet interesting enough. Facially, you look bored so that brings down the whole thing a bit but the image is striking enough that I definitely want to see more from you.

Cory: Your face is so innocent yet you have an edge with the piercings and tattoos. That could either mean that you're a cute boy trying to look edgy or that you're versatile. I hope it's the latter.

Daniel: Nice smize; I'm not sure if this is your best angle, facially, though and the mouth's rather tense. The pose is quite basic but it works.

Dawn: Nice body language; the smile's cute but it seems a bit uncertain. That said, I hope your enthusiasm translates into your pictures.

Eduardo: You have an interesting face and I like the dreamlike expression. Nice pose as well. I definitely like what I see based on this photo so keep bringing it and show some versatility and stuff Very Happy

Gabriel: Welcome back! Like with your first set of casting pictures I'd have liked to have seen you with more simplistic styling so I can get a better glimpse of your potential but the potential is there. Hope you really bring it this time!

George: Cool pose and I quite like your overall look. I look forward to seeing more from you in this competition!

Jayne: CUCKAAW! Did I get it right? Anyway, nice to see you back here; you look like a saucy little diva here. I kinda love it. I hope you can bring us all sorts of lovely facial expressions and things and stuff; I look forward to seeing how you perform this time around!

Johan: I see a bit of a diamond in the rough thing going on here; I agree with the others in terms of finding styling that flatters your body/legs/everything rabbit The camera picks up on these things so be careful Razz I do see potential though Very Happy

Jorge: Seems almost a bit too casual; I'd like to see you bring something more fashionable from you but I think you can do it albino

Mitchell: You again! You look like such a diva here but in a fabulous sort of way; I love it. You look like you're about to serve it on the runway or something. I don't know how I feel about the hair color but I'm sure you'll make it work bom

Jose: Very cute; your face lights up when you smile but I hope you can bring us more sides to you since we now know you can do commercial quite nicely Razz

Shayla: The light isn't hitting your face in a flattering way here but you do seem to have a fresh, cute look and I like your hair. I look forward to seeing what you bring Very Happy

Tracy: You have a great face! Like with Cory I'm hoping to see some versatility from you but I also want you to keep that edge because that's an asset of yours that will set you apart from the others. I like what I see so far though Very Happy

And was there a "Pimm"? I see his/her name mentioned in the other judges's posts but I see no such person here. But overall, I look forward to seeing what you all bring! Good luck, y'all! jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions   WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 1:22 am

Hola!! I hope I still am a judge. I'm pretty sure I am. But. I'm Brianna winner of cycle 4.
Im super excited for this cycle. Ok so:

Alicia: Hello gorgeous! I'm excited to see what you bring to the table. Cheeks cheeks cheeks. That's what I first noticed and like everyone else you do kinda look like Miles.
Ally: Photo quality not that great. But. I'm sure you'll shock us all with your posing because that's what this is all about. And make sure when you pose, you pose HEAD TO TOE.
Arturo: Love the name. Great face, legs look a little awkward from what I see but I still love the expression on your face.
Cesar: You look so bored and not excited to do anything. Posing wise, very Versace man.
Cory: No words can exspress how excited I am to see your photos in this cycle. I know you like the darkness. But I hope you can brighten up just a little.
Daniel: You look like you're just chilling at mickey d's with your buds. You're outfit, I like. The hair is perfectly quaffed.
Dawn: Aw. And you have ornaments as earrings, I think? So creative. With that creativty I'm pumped to see what you bring to the competition. The pose is simple though, but I'm sure you'll get better.
Eduardo: Face. Strong, sensual man is what I get from your face. Its masculine yet model.
Gabriel: You truly look you're hanging with the fella's haha. I hope your photos don't always look like this.
George: Please tell me you're a fashionista cause you look like one. I love this photo as whole. Im excited to see how well you do also.
Jayne: Yay. Excited to see you're back. Bring it girl, bring it.
Johan: Your pose is the classic male pose. Please bring everything you got to this competition.
Mitch: Yay for you too. I keep using the word excited but I truly am. I can't wait to see your photos.
Jose: You look adorable. But you better be able to be masculine.
Shayla: Your name is cute. Your photo isn't my favorite though. You need to work it better girl.
Tracy: Yes. You're different from the batch. Cute face, but covered in tats. Eep. Bring it on.
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions   WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 12:14 am

Hi guys! I'm Nadia, last cycle's winner and I'm so excited to be a judge this time!
First of all, I apollogise for not posting before, things have been crazy, but I saw your pictures as soon as George published them and I' here now =)

Alicia: I love your face, I feel like it can be harsh and soft at the same time. I like the grace and simplicitu in your pose.

Ally: I feel like you have lots of potential, and your eyes have that melancholy that can bring emotion to a picture.

Arturo: You have an amazing face, and I see you have lots of experience, so I'm expecting a lot of things from you!

Cesar: I think you will stand out fromn day one. I feel like you have lots of talent to make simple things look fierce.

Cory: Your face is gorgeous and I love your style! I think you will have to work on your poses, though.

Daniel: I like what you are wearing and I like the confidence in your pose, but try to loosen up and step up with the facial expression!

Dawn: You have a beautiful face and lots of confidence. Your smile is gorgeous!

Eduardo: You remind me of a much mmore improved version of Jacob from twilight. I feel like you are going to be an amazing surprise.

Gabriel: I feel like you are going to bring something totally different to the table and I'm going to like it!!

George: This picture is just wow. I love the outfit, the expression, you are so fierce! The pose could be more natural here, but I have the feeling you will be a strong contestant.

Johan: You have an interesting face, I want to see you do different things with it and try different expressions.

Mitch: You look like a model, you have an amazing face, and I'm expecting a lot from you.

Jose: You have such a cute smile, and your eyes have a really interesting face. I'm hoping to see versatility from you.

Shayla: Your face is so cute! I think that your challenge will be going from cute to high fashion.

Tracy: Your face and style are amazing, I think you will bring the edge an creativity to the table.
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PostSubject: Re: WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions   WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions Empty

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WNTM 7 • Judges' Cast Impressions
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